Black Ridge Farm is proud to offer horseback riding lessons that are both fun and rewarding. Our patient and friendly instructors are available to meet all your riding needs. Whether you are looking for an introductory lesson or a long-term training arrangement, the instructors at BRF will work with you to help you achieve your riding goals.

Black Ridge offers professional horseback riding lessons for children and adults. The farm boasts a wide selection of safe and well-educated schooling horses for riders at all levels—including ponies and horses for beginner riders as well as larger more athletic horses for advanced riders. We encourage and support horse showing throughout the year and offer horse showing opportunities across all levels of riding.

The goal at Black Ridge Farm is to offer riders a safe and successful riding experience.

Horseback Riding Lessons

Before your first lesson, our skilled trainers will consult with you to assess your riding skills and current horse knowledge in order to establish the best program for achieving your equestrian goals.

We offer a variety of lesson packages, please reach out to us to discuss the best option for your riding goals.


Have you ever wanted to own a horse but you were not sure if you or your child is ready?  We offer an inexpensive way to test it out.

Black Ridge Farm offers full and partial leases on a wide variety of horses. Leasing a horse allows riders to build a relationship with a single horse. Riders who lease have access to the same horse each week for lessons as well as for additional practice rides and showing.  The rides are scheduled so there is always supervision for those riders needing or wishing to have another person present while riding.  

Leasing is a great way to experience what it is like to own a horse without the full financial responsibility of doing so and it is a great stepping stone to horse ownership.

We also offer full and show leases. Contact BRF for more information!


parent of rider

Great to have a trainer that not only instructs you on what you need to do but why. Love it!


parent of rider

Lessons & Training


What a great place for a young child to learn to ride and be around horses! I’m so excited for my daughter(s)!


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