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2019 Smoke Rise Series

Congratulations to Kendall Madison and Captain Butler who were Champion in the Children’s 3’ Hunter Division.

Congratulations to Brittany Cooper and Moose Tracks who were Champion in the 3’ Suitable Hunter Division.

2019 Marshall and Sterling Finalists

Congratulations to our Marshall and Sterling Finalists at Black Ridge Farm!

Kendall Madison placed 5th in the Hudson Medal.

Victoria Neidnig and Templeton placed 8th in the Bit-O-Straw Warmup and 11th overall in the 2’6” Children’s Medal.

Congratulations also to Adrianna Nothnagle and Top Gun, Hailey Pendl and Penelope and Just for Fun (placing just out of the ribbons in 9th out of 45 large ponies), Melissa Ryan and Against the Tide, and Kendall Madison and Moose Tracks for great rides at finals!



boarder and rider


former boarder and rider

Brittany is truly talented in training both riders and horses. We are so grateful to have her in our lives-- she has made our journey with horses a dream come true.



Great teamwork...all helping group with a great trainer.

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